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Night series – The Night Time triptych

I think we're nearly there.

The Night Series – Songs to the Night

The work is progressing well, I’ve managed to get into the painting and I’m really enjoying my little studio, not so little as it enables me to have 14 or so active paintings. I have several pieces in the final stages so that feels exciting. I’m trying not to think about sales and the rest of it, such thoughts are never helpful and always stop me in my tracks and push me into ‘slick’ mode.

I’m thinking about framing and finishing which is challenging me, what is the best finish for these canvases, are they robust enough to go into the world? Are they rigorous enough? It’s always difficult to face this rain of thoughts, and critical voices, even when other’s are encouraging, are they honest? Are they enthusiastic enough? The work is the only thing of importance, and if I still love it and still discover new things day after day then it’s alive. And yes, It’s still alive.