Sketches for the sculpture inspired by the Jam for the Barratt Homes, New Central development, Woking.

These sketches were created and developed by Richard Heys, inspired by the background research into the Jam and work with four schools in Woking. Richard worked with 133 pupils between 16 and 19 years of age at the following schools: Bishop David Brown, St. John the Baptist, Woking College and Woking High School. The following ideas were selected by Barratt Homes out of a number of ideas presented by Richard as they were considered to be of the right scale and that they wold complement the environment of the New Central development.

Student work

Pupils work from St. John The Baptist School, Woking.

Media - green oak

Developing into a tall sweeping tower-like structure, made up of three uprights with hollowed inner space, showing an inner harmony, and an upper receiving/holding gesture, which to me represents the bands relationship with their fans.

Themes drawn upon in developing ideas for the New Central art piece

  • Seed-like forms made by the students which have an inner and outer aspect. The Jam’s lyrics often incorporate feelings, thoughts as well as images of real life.

“And everyone seems just like me

They struggle hard to set themselves free

And they’re waiting for the change…”

  • Tales from the Riverbank lyrics – many students made sculptures representing water, flowing forms and even river banks. These lyrics are taken from a song about Woking and the surrounding countryside.

“It’s mixed with happiness, it’s mixed with tears

Both life and death are carried in this stream

That open space, you could run for miles

A place of hope in an endless time.”

  • Life from a Window lyrics – learners picked up on the lyrics from this song, creating towers, lighthouses and other high viewing points.

“Looking from a hilltop, watching from a lighthouse, just dreaming

Up here I can see the world

Ooh, sometimes it don’t look so nice – That’s OK

Life from a window, I’m just taking in the view

Life from a window, observing everything around you.”

  • Richard is also inspired by what the Jam created between themselves through their hours of practicing, gigging, their creativity in working together to create and develop their music. The ‘tightness’ of the music, how all the aspects of the songs fit together (the lyrics, the drums, lead and bass guitar, as Rick Buckler said there was no room to hide. This was also inspiring for Richard