Richard Heys & Alex Mcintyre at Emerson College

Coming to Light 6 to 8 September 2024


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Explore your visual language with Alex McIntyre and Richard Heys.

On this three day course you will uncover and develop your own visual language by investigating colour, colour relationships, gesture, the material properties and qualities of paint and mediums, texture and layering. We’ll introduce you to tools and approaches used in contemporary practice. We will draw inspiration from the richness and abundance of autumn as a source of sensuality, atmosphere and colour.

During the workshop, you will also be encouraged to think deeply about your studio practice and creativity. Coming to Light refers to how we arrive at the stage of making, and is a reflection on this activity and state of being as a gradual or sudden arrival. You will be invited to reflect on your creative process and to form a new image of yourself painting.

Together we will consider the role and importance of

  • A readiness to make
  • Commitment to studio process
  • Rituals of making
  • How to listen to your work
  • Your creative conversation and dialogue with paintings – including noticing what you are saying to yourself about your work and what your work is saying to you
  • Moving into and beyond the painted surface towards presence
  • Transportation and immersion in flow states

Through the three days we will develop a community of practice with workshop participants. You will gain a deeper awareness of how a painting opens up and a ‘presence’ may come into being. Our teaching will honour the relationships between time, seeing, making, listening and reflection.

This workshop is inspired and informed by an exhibition of Richard and Alex’s work showing at Emerson in the North Dining Room and will build on the artists’ own evolving conversation.

This workshop is suitable for other artists and those with some knowledge of visual arts practice.

Would you love to

  • Be guided by quality tuition and in dialogue with 2 professional artists
  • Learn in an intimate and supportive environment with other creative people
  • Be free to explore and play without judgement or fear of exposure
  • Reflect on your discoveries, practice, challenges and creations together with participants and tutors in relationship as part of a creative learning community?

What will you learn?

 You will be introduced to key techniques and processes from Richard Heys and Alex McIntyre’s practices, including

  • Presence and the painting as a portal
  • Colour investigation: how we see – exploring the relationship between colour and psychosynthesis
  • Texture and materiality: visual touch and how we feel – working with layers, physicality and embodiment
  • How to explore these techniques and make them your own
  • Source inspirations – passages from Rilke, John O’Donohue, Goethe, Rebecca Elson, Rebecca Solnit and others.

You’ll need to bring a specific range of materials with you, please contact Richard or Alex for the materials list.

Tuition fee: £395


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