Dive into Colour 15 & 16 June 2024


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Join me for the weekend and step into the immersive, colourful world of an artist’s studio – painting in the beautiful surrounds of Emerson College. In this process-led workshop I will demonstrate and share techniques and approaches to the dynamics of painting and colour. We’ll explore Presence in abstract painting, deepening colour space and exploring structure. We’ll build compositions, experience differing colour moods and relationships by focusing on harmony and wholeness.

“Perception of the inner substance of things can only be acquired through practice.”    – Joseph Beuys

We all seek wholeness in life – this can be experienced through contemplating nature. When we draw upon the Inner impressions created before nature, we can inform, renew and transform our own creative processes, just as these impressions renew and replenish ourselves.

Goethe found that the eye delights in polarities; light and darkness, warm and cool colours. In  the act of looking the eye actively creates inner colours in response to the outer, seeking a wholeness to balance each moment. The artist Paul Klee wrote in his Manifesto for the Art of the Inner Eye, (1924)

“chosen are those artists who penetrate to the region of that secret place where primeval power nurtures all evolution … who is the artist who would not dwell there? In the womb of nature at the source of creation where the secret key to all lies guarded.”

We will use the sensitive immediacy and versatility of acrylics to explore these dynamics and develop our exciting colour conversations.


Richard`s courses are run at his studio at Emerson College, Forest Row, Sussex.

He is a practicing professional artist and an experienced adult educator. He is passionate about painting, colour, nature observation & art history. He is here to support you in developing your artistic skills. His courses are known for their creative and social nature.

“I love Richard’s classes. They are inspiring and such wonderful learning experiences. The studio is welcoming and so exciting to work in. Richard is a fantastic teacher, demonstrating technique while offering up new artists and new concepts each lesson for us to think about. Every visit I learn more and look forward to my next lesson.” – Jan Steadman

You’ll need to bring a specific range of materials with you, please contact Richard for the materials list.
Richard has eight years of artistic training including a B A Hons in Fine Art, a Diploma in Sculpture and a
PGCE (DTTLS), University of Sussex.

Tuition fee: £160




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